It’s a comfortable, simple and pretty hat.


Welcome to my Blog !




My name is Solange Da Costa, after one year in my hellish room fighting against procrastination.

I resurrected with a fucking determination and an only goal: to save my family.

But to do so, I can’t be a procrastinator anymore.

It kills me and everyone around.

To honour my family memory I must be someone else, I must become something else.

Had plenty time to watch Arrow... :p

The Bold Girl Power

It is all about challenging, learning, improving and sharing my experiences. I am committed to share with you my whole package.

I am here to share my bold adventure forward the success. Several challenges await me, as well as multiple levels of difficulty.

If you don’t have a vision, or do or already realised yours.

Join my journey and let’s work together to make the unfulfilled, accomplished.

Sharing our wild thoughts makes us stronger.

Success and power is a source to help one another.

Let’s be Bold and Powerful